15 Enchanting Forest-Theme Classroom Ideas (2024)

Take your students on an adventure this year with a forest-theme classroom that gives you and your students a daily dose of nature and relaxation. Your first shopping destination should be Dollar Tree to stock up on the basics: green tablecloths, crepe paper, tissue paper, artificial greenery, and more. Then take things a step further to bring your forest-theme classroom to life with inspiration from the photos below.

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1. Woodland cave reading nook

15 Enchanting Forest-Theme Classroom Ideas (1)

Grab a book and crawl into this woodland cave. The mural is a budget-friendly backdrop that gives your reading nook a lifelike feel.

Buy it: Scene of Deep Forest w/Lake Fabric Wall Hanging Decor at Amazon

Image: TTS Resources

2. Camping trip reading nook


15 Enchanting Forest-Theme Classroom Ideas (2)

Set the scene for a camping trip in the forest with a wall mural paired with a pop-up tent, lawn chairs, and a paper campfire.

Buy it: Forest Scene Camping Backdrop w/Two Sets of Campfire Decorations at Amazon

Image: Oddis H Review/Amazon

3. Scenic mountain classroom library

15 Enchanting Forest-Theme Classroom Ideas (3)

Hang a mountain landscape tapestry behind your bookshelf to easily incorporate a forest theme into your classroom library.

Buy it: Mountain Forest Tapestry Wall Hanging at Amazon

Image: KM Review/Amazon

4. Vines draped from the ceiling

15 Enchanting Forest-Theme Classroom Ideas (4)

If hanging decor from ceiling tiles is allowed at your school, purchase some inexpensive greenery for a quick and easy way to create forest vibes in your classroom. Drape them from the ceiling or wall, hang them from a paper tree, use them as bulletin board borders … the possibilities are endless!

Buy it: Floral Garden Green Leaves & Vine Garland at Dollar Tree

Image: Mr. Fox’s Forest Topic/Pinterest

5. Enchanted forest door decor

15 Enchanting Forest-Theme Classroom Ideas (5)

How lush is this door decor? Students will feel like they’re walking into an enchanted forest.

Buy it: Floral Garden Twig Garland 4-f.t Strands at Dollar Tree

Image: Stacy Douglas/Pinterest

6. Artificial grass rug

15 Enchanting Forest-Theme Classroom Ideas (6)

Kick that boring school rug to the curb! Bring forest vibes into your classroom with some artificial grass or a natural woven rug.

Buy it: Precut 6 x 8 Artificial Grass at Walmart

Image: Allison Fried/NBCMontana

7. Forest-vibe book baskets

15 Enchanting Forest-Theme Classroom Ideas (7)

If you’re like me, your storage containers need to match, and what better way than to purchase new ones that add to your forest-theme classroom vibe? These come in various shapes and sizes.

Buy it: Rectangular Slotted Plastic Baskets at Dollar Tree

Image: Conversations in Literacy

8. Woodland friends alphabet line

15 Enchanting Forest-Theme Classroom Ideas (8)

Upgrade your wall decorations with an adorable Woodland Friends alphabet line.

Buy it: Woodland Friends Manuscript Alphabet Line at Amazon

Image: Amazon

9. Pine tree bulletin board trim

15 Enchanting Forest-Theme Classroom Ideas (9)

Give your bulletin boards a face-lift with a new pine tree border. Add a mini faux Christmas tree to tie your look together.

Buy it: Woodland Tree Bulletin Board Border at Oriental Trading

Image: Simply Sprout/Instagram

10. Inspirational woodland friends wall art

15 Enchanting Forest-Theme Classroom Ideas (10)

Give your classroom a homey feel with wooden wall art that motivates students.

Buy it: 3-Piece Framed Wall Art at Amazon

Image: Amazon

11. Campfire flexible seating

15 Enchanting Forest-Theme Classroom Ideas (11)

Do you want to spice things up? Create flexible seating options with floor cushions that look like tree stumps.

Buy it: Tree Floor Cushions at Amazon

Image: Creative Teaching Press

12. Twinkling enchanted forest mural

15 Enchanting Forest-Theme Classroom Ideas (12)

If you have a flair for art, and your school allows it, paint an enchanted forest mural on the walls. If not, you can create the scene with construction paper or bulletin board cutouts. Strings of LED lights give this display a wow-factor.

Buy it: LED Battery-Operated String Lights at Amazon

Image: Enchanted Forest Classroom/Pinterest

13. Rainforest canopy decor

15 Enchanting Forest-Theme Classroom Ideas (13)

If your ideal forest is a rainforest, use paper party decorations to set the mood.

Buy it: Woodland Animals Party Decorations at Amazon

Image: Jungle Safari/Pinterest

14. Forest friends peel-and-stick decals

15 Enchanting Forest-Theme Classroom Ideas (14)

Looking for a simple solution that won’t damage your walls? These adorable forest friends peel-and-stick wall decals can be hung so it looks like they’re peeking out of the door.

Buy it: Forest Friends Peel & Stick Wall Decalsat Michaels

Image: Oriental Trading

15. Forest-theme fluorescent light filter

15 Enchanting Forest-Theme Classroom Ideas (15)

Here’s a creative way to bring a forest theme into your classroom. Cover an unappealing fluorescent light with a cover that makes it look like a piece of artwork.

Buy it: Fluorescent Light Filter at Amazon

Image: Amazon

Are you loving these forest-theme classroom ideas? Be sure to check out our list of rainforest books to fill your classroom shelves!

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15 Enchanting Forest-Theme Classroom Ideas (16)

15 Enchanting Forest-Theme Classroom Ideas (2024)
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