17 Surprising Recipes with Potato Flakes (2024)

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17 Surprising Recipes with Potato Flakes (1)Emily Racette ParulskiUpdated: Mar. 17, 2024

    We all could use shortcuts in the kitchen from time to time (or ALL the time!). Let a box of mashed potato flakes help make soups, chicken, shepherd’s pie and more.

    Loaded Baked Potato Soup

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    The only thing that beats the comforting flavor of this thick and hearty loaded baked potato soup is possibly the idea that it simmers on its own all day in a slow cooker. —Barbara Bleigh, Colonial Heights, Virginia

    Spicy Shepherd's Pie

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    Taco seasoning adds zip to this hearty main dish. It's easy to top with instant mashed potatoes, which I stir up while browning the beef. —Mary Malchow, Neenah, Wisconsin

    Super Crispy Baked Chicken

    Combine mashed potato flakes with Parmesan cheese for an ultra-crunchy coating to oven-baked chicken that is oh-so-tender and perfectly moist.—June Brown, Veneta, Oregon

    Swiss Potato Puffs

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    Encourage guests to mingle by serving these cute little morsels. They’re transportable, mess-free and easy to eat in a few bites. —Myra Innes, Auburn, Kansas

    Loaded Cheddar-Corn Potato Patties

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    Make these small for the perfect bite-size appetizer. Pile them on a cake platter, and watch them all disappear. —Darlene Brenden, Salem, Oregon

    Caramel Potato Rolls

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    There is a burst of cinnamon in every bite of these ooey gooey tender rolls. They are good to have on hand when someone drops in for a cup of coffee. Maybe that's why we have so many people dropping in for coffee.—Florence Jerome, Helena, Montana

    Breaded Sea Scallops

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    I never liked seafood until my husband urged me to try scallops, and now I love them. He says my breaded version is the best he's ever had. A tip I learned was to put them on a paper-towel-topped plate to soak up excess oil. —Martina Preston, Willow Grove, Pennsylvania

    Focaccia Barese

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    This focaccia has been in my mom's family for several generations. It is one of my most-requested recipes whenever I am invited to a party—I am not allowed to attend unless I bring it! —Dora Travaglio, Mount Prospect, Illinois

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    Taste of Home

    After attending my daughter's back to school night and receiving a complimentary package of instant potatoes, I had to make something with them. I created these pork cutlets and they were fantastic. —Carrie Farias, Oak Ridge, New Jersey

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    It’s a cinch to jazz up instant mashed potatoes with sour cream and cream cheese, then cook and serve them from a slow cooker. For a special touch, sprinkle this creamy mashed potatoes recipe with chopped fresh chives, canned french-fried onions or fresh grated Parmesan cheese. —Donna Bardocz, Howell, Michigan

    Whole Wheat Potato Rolls

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    My cousin gave me this recipe for classic potato rolls. If you have leftovers or want to make some ahead, go ahead and freeze them—they’ll be just as tasty. —Devon Vickers, Goddard, Kansas

    Cheesy Cauliflower Soup

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    When a chill is in the air, I like to make soups for the family. Cheese adds flavor and heartiness to this one, which is my own recipe. —Ruth Worden, Mossena, New York

    Mini Shepherd's Pies

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    I’m as confident serving these little pies to company as to family. If I have enough time, I’ll use homemade biscuits and mashed potatoes. —Ellen Osborne, Clarksville, Tennessee

    Makeover Potato Cheese Soup

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    This makeover recipe has about 40% fewer calories, two-thirds less fat, less than half the saturated fat, about half the cholesterol and a third less sodium of the original. Yet its comforting taste and creamy consistency will surely please the soup lovers in your family!—Bethany Thayer, Troutville, Virginia

    Originally Published: February 20, 2019

    17 Surprising Recipes with Potato Flakes (16)

    Emily Racette Parulski

    Emily has spent the last decade writing and editing food and lifestyle content. As a senior editor at Taste of Home, she leads the newsletter team sharing delicious recipes and helpful cooking tips to more than 2 million loyal email subscribers. Since joining TMB seven years ago as an associate editor, she has worked on special interest publications, launched TMB’s first cross-branded newsletter, supported the launch of the brand's affiliate strategy, orchestrated holiday countdowns, participated in taste tests and was selected for a task force to enhance the Taste of Home community. Emily was first mentioned by name in Taste of Home magazine in 1994, when her mother won a contest.When she’s not editing, Emily can be found in her kitchen baking something sweet, taking a wine class with her husband, or making lasagnas for neighbors through Lasagna Love.

    17 Surprising Recipes with Potato Flakes (2024)


    What are 3 of the most famous potato dishes? ›

    French fries are the most popular potato food items in the U.S., according to DoorDash.
    • Hash browns.
    • Waffle fries.
    • Mashed potatoes.
    • Potato salad.
    • Tater tots.
    • Baked potato.
    • Potato skins.
    • Home fries.
    Aug 19, 2019

    How to spice up instant mashed potatoes? ›

    Toss in some fresh herbs

    Chives work great if you like a mild, oniony taste, but feel free to use parsley, dill, or thyme as well. If your instant potatoes already have some garlic mixed in (another worthy add-on!), try garnishing your spuds with tarragon or rosemary, which pair exceptionally well with garlic.

    How do you use potato flakes as a thickener? ›

    Use 1 tablespoon of mashed potato flakes per 1 cup of liquid. You can add it directly to your soup or gravy without the need of a slurry (mixing it with water is a necessary step for cornstarch or flour). Stir, let thicken, add more as needed.

    Do instant mashed potato flakes go bad? ›

    Yes, instant mashed potatoes can go bad after the expiration date. It is best to discard any potatoes that have been opened and stored past the expiration date as they may have spoiled and could cause food poisoning.

    Do dried potato flakes go bad? ›

    When stored properly the shelf life of dehydrated potato products is one to two years. The potato products you keep in your pantry will have an expiration date listed directly on the packaging.

    What is the most delicious potato in the world? ›

    According to the announcement of the Chamber of Drama, the Kato Neurokopi Potato was voted first among many others from around the world, in the Taste Awards 2023-2024 competition of the Taste Atlas Guide for the World's Best Foods in the relevant category (“Potatoes”) with 4.39 points.

    Which country has 3000 types of potatoes? ›

    Of the approximately 4,000 potatoes grown world wide, 3,000 types are grown in Peru, making it one of the most biodiverse regions on the planet.

    What is the most famous dish ever? ›

    ​Pizza​ Italian pizza is probably the most famous food in the world.

    What thickens instant mashed potatoes? ›

    Add a Thickening Agent

    This is the most common way to thicken mashed potatoes. You can use what you have on hand: Flour, cornstarch, or powdered milk are all solid options that are probably already in your pantry. Potato flour and potato starch would work as well.

    What makes instant mashed potatoes gummy? ›

    As already discussed, pastiness is caused by too much potato starch being worked into the mashed potatoes.

    Are dried potato flakes the same as instant mashed potatoes? ›

    Instant mashed potato flakes, often known as potato buds, are made from dried, previously cooked potatoes. A user may make instant mashed potatoes by rehydrating them in hot water or milk.

    How do potato flakes work? ›

    Potato flakes are flat chunks of dehydrated mashed potato. How are they made? Potatoes are cooked and mashed, then crushed by rollers on the surface of a drum. The mashed potato is fast-dried until its humidity reaches the desired level, then the layer of dried, mashed potato is scraped from the drum.

    Can you use potato flakes instead of flour? ›

    To add potato flour or flakes to an existing recipe that doesn't call for it: Substitute 1/4 cup (46g) potato flour or 1/2 cup (43g) potato flakes for 1/4 cup (30g) of the all-purpose or bread flour in a recipe using 3 to 4 cups (360g to 480g) of flour.

    What is the difference between potato flour and potato flakes? ›

    The best substitute for potato flour is going to be potato flakes, which is essentially potato flour that hasn't been ground as fine. You can either dissolve it into batter for baking, or use a blender or food process to grind it into a fine powder. Potato flakes can be substituted for potato flour using a 1:1 ratio.

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