50+ Examples On How To Make A Girl Laugh Over text (2024)

You’re texting a cute girl, but you need help…

You’re wondering how to make a girl laugh over text.

And that’s exactly what you’re going to learn right here! You’ll get the best lines, tricks and jokes to make a girl laugh while chatting.

In this article:

  • My 4 best tips to make a girl laugh over text
  • 1. Create inside jokes
  • 2. Say the unexpected
  • 3. Speak your opinion in a witty way
  • 4. Use a sexual innuendo joke
  • 5. Play a little hard to get
  • 6. Find funny media and share it
  • 7. Use the power of comebacks
  • 9. Send relatable content
  • 10. Use wordplay texts to make her laugh
  • 11. Play Two Truths And A Lie
  • 12. Use her name the right way in a joke
  • 13. Use the clickbait opener
  • 14. Playfully disagree with her
  • 15. Personalize your jokes
  • 16. Be the playful idiot
  • 17. More jokes that will make her laugh
  • How to come up with your own jokes to make her laugh over text
  • How to make a girl laugh over text – Summary


My 4 best tips to make a girl laugh over text

Here come two of the BIGGEST mistakes men make over text:

  • Taking things too seriously
  • Making things too serious

Why is that a problem? 90% of the time texting is supposed to be LIGHT and FUN.

Why? Life is serious enough, people socialize over text to take a break from life’s hardships.

And although deep and meaningful conversation is also fun, texting isn’t the medium for this. It’s too impersonal.

Before we start I would recommend watching this video. You’ll get my 4 best tips to make any girl laugh over text:

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Now, let’s get into the meat of how you can make girls laugh while chatting.

1. Create inside jokes

Create a unique connection she has with nobody else, by creating an inside joke.

Step away from any normal chat, and soon you’ll be having conversations like this:

50+ Examples On How To Make A Girl Laugh Over text (1)

Obviously, this funny sequence was out of this guy’s control, but he chose to build on top of it. His best course of action would be to get off the respecting-train and change topics.

The good thing about this start? The words ‘respect’ and ‘respecting’ will forever have a special meaning to them. Inside joke galore.

Want to purposefully create inside jokes? Here are some pointers:

  • Share experiences. If they once got lost in a place called Elmwood, you can say “I did an Elmwood” any time you can’t find your way.
  • Recycle funny moments. If they once typed ‘burrito’ instead of ‘bistro’, you can refer to any small restaurant or cafe as a ‘burrito place’.
  • Create nicknames. If they told you they horribly burned their last batch of brownies, you could nickname them ‘Chef Burnie’.

Did you check out the screenshot of the day yet? 50+ Examples On How To Make A Girl Laugh Over text (2)

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2. Say the unexpected

Here’s how you can easily make girls laugh:

Give a silly and surprising answer.

Most people are incredibly predictable in their answers. You might say they’re being sincere and serious.

And that’s fine. It definitely has its place. But it’s not going to make her laugh.

Here’s an example where most guys would go down the trodden and boring path.

50+ Examples On How To Make A Girl Laugh Over text (3)

Looks like this convo happened at 02:14 AM. So it’s not farfetched to assume this girl was feeling frisky.

But instead of pouncing on the opportunity, the guy from the conversation hit her with something unexpected and funny.

If you want to make girls laugh like this too, I recommend coming up with funny answers to predictable questions. Here are three examples:

  • [What kind of music are you into?] “Anything that sounds good when I sing it in the shower.”
  • [Do you have any siblings?] “Yes, but nobody really knows about them because I’m the favorite child.”
  • [What are you passionate about?] “Having heated debates with imaginary rude people in my head. I always win.”

3. Speak your opinion in a witty way

Here’s how to disagree with a girl while making them laugh.

Be playful about your differences.

If you know enough women, you’ll know they’re into star signs and debating personality types. Most girls can’t resist mentioning that stuff in their profile.

50+ Examples On How To Make A Girl Laugh Over text (4)

If you’re like most guys, you probably don’t care about it too much. Here’s a funny way of sharing your disinterest that will make her laugh.

“I did several personality tests and every time my result says I’m a IDGA-F. Weird huh?”

Here are more examples to inspire you to create your own jokes:

  • [When she’s more of a cat person] “Wow, everyone knows that dogs are clearly the superior fluffy therapists.”
  • [When she doesn’t like coffee] “I hear you, but I think I my coffee mug is now plotting your demise.”
  • [When she doesn’t like video games] “I’m so sorry to hear that. Obviously not everyone can be awesome.”

4. Use a sexual innuendo joke

Here’s how you can make a girl laugh, while making yourself more attractive in the process.

Make naughty remarks.

Here’s a great example of someone having a Tinder conversation. He goes from serious to sexual in one smooth plot twist. Giving her a rainbow of feels in mere moments.

50+ Examples On How To Make A Girl Laugh Over text (5)

He misinterprets her text and she loves it.

Here are some examples you can use in your conversations right now:

  • [When she says she’s all wet from the rain] “Girls really get turned on by the weirdest sh*t”.
  • [When she mentions something about size] “See, I knew it!! Girls DO care about size ;(((((“.
  • [When she sends you a really long text] “That’s such a long text! You’re totally falling for me aren’t you. It’s cute ;)”.

5. Play a little hard to get

Here’s a great way to make a girl smile, while making her want you even more.

Don’t give her the answer she wants.

When a woman likes you, she’ll sometimes send you a very steamy text. 99/100 guys will be so excited that they’ll reply something equally erotic.

And in doing so, make her lose a little bit of attraction. After all, when she has you, the game is over.

That’s why you sometimes want to give an answer that lets the game go on.

Here’s a Tinder example.

50+ Examples On How To Make A Girl Laugh Over text (6)

And here are some more texts that you can use:

  • [When she says you have a great smile] “Thanks, I grew them myself.
  • [When she says your voice is sexy] “Thanks, I’ve been practicing my muppet impressions all week.”
  • [When she says she loves guys with tattoos] “Cheers, I got these things to scare people away. But it doesn’t seem to work very well.”

6. Find funny media and share it

Here’s the easiest way to make someone laugh over text.

Share funny content.

The internet is overflowing with jokes, memes, and cat videos. If you want to be funny and not work for it, get someone else to do your funny.

  • Find a joke, a funny video, or a picture.
  • Download it to your phone.
  • Send it to the lady that grows your corpus spongiosum.

IMPORTANT: If you’re planning on sharing a video, make sure it’s short. People are too busy to watch anything longer than 10 – 20 seconds.

Short is better than long.

50+ Examples On How To Make A Girl Laugh Over text (7)

7. Use the power of comebacks

A good tease is funny, but a good comeback will have people cheering and blowing their party horns.

And will earn you lots of sexy points.

50+ Examples On How To Make A Girl Laugh Over text (8)

  • [When someone asks you what’s up] “Well, it’s definitely not the occupant of my boxers. I’m looking at spreadsheets now.”
  • [When someone asks if you’re free tomorrow] “No, sorry. I’m a luxury good. But you can pay in installments if you like.”
  • [When someone asks for your opinion] “I need 2 more hours of sleep and a tequila shot before I can properly answer that.”

Holy Tip:

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9. Send relatable content

Once you get it, this is the most powerful way to make her laugh over text.

Find out what tickles her funny bone and give it to her.

Everyone laughs about different things. If you can discover her humor blueprint, your jokes will hit the mark every time.

So pay close attention to what type of jokes slay her. Then store all jokes, memes, and videos on your phone that match that category and send them to her.

Obviously, not all in one go. But sprinkle them in when your convo needs more energy and enthusiasm.

Here’s a suggestion for when she can be a little cheeky.

I found a video of you

10. Use wordplay texts to make her laugh

Here’s how you can put a smile on her face, while making yourself more attractive in the process.

Tell jokes that show off your wit.

Humor makes people laugh and that feels good. But witty jokes do something a little extra. It says that you’re smart. And women find big brains sexy.

One particular joke that shows off your wit is wordplay.

Let me give you a few examples you can use right away.

  • [When she says it’s raining cats and dogs] “Just be careful not to step in a poodle”.
  • [When she asks if you can keep a secret] “Yes, but I’m not sure if the readers of my online diary are.”
  • [When she says she’s going to hit the gym] “Give those weights a good smack for me too. They’re always making fun of me ;(“.

11. Play Two Truths And A Lie

The game of this tip won’t only make her laugh, but it’ll also build a strong connection.

How deep that connection goes, is completely up to you.

I’m talking about two Truths and a Lie.

In case you aren’t familiar, here are the rules: one person says two truths about themselves, and one lie, and the other tries to pick out the lie.

The key is to think of unique and funny experiences you had, then combine it with a believable lie.

Some fun examples:

  • I once won a pie-eating contest, I’ve never watched Titanic, and I can speak 3 languages.
  • My first job was at the zoo, I’m allergic to chocolate, and I once participated in a national spelling bee.
  • I’ve never been on a rollercoaster, I once had a pet named Cuddles, and I’ve eaten frog legs and liked them.

12. Use her name the right way in a joke

Using her name can be a shortcut to her heart… if you use it wisely.

And many guys don’t.

A friend of mine called Yane has a terrible time on Tinder because she’s flooded by texts like these:

50+ Examples On How To Make A Girl Laugh Over text (9)50+ Examples On How To Make A Girl Laugh Over text (10)

Every guy that sends them, sets himself up for rejection.

So don’t be the cliché name guy. All you communicate by making the same joke as thousands before you is:

“I think I’m a texting mastermind, but I actually lack the basic awareness to realize that I’m writing the same jokes as a kid from kindergarten who eats paste.”

Whenever you get a name-inspired joke, take a deep breath and think:

“Is this joke obvious? What are the odds she’s heard it before?”

So whenever she’s called Alexa, Mary, Grace, Hope, Holly, or May… stay away from obvious jokes. And tell her something original.

Like these guys.

50+ Examples On How To Make A Girl Laugh Over text (11)

Make one cliché name joke and you’re out. Game over.

Make one clever, original name joke and you’re in. Game on.

I take my hat off to the fine gent who came up with this clever clever CLEVER Tinder opener for a girl named Melanie:

50+ Examples On How To Make A Girl Laugh Over text (12)

Holy Tip:

Don’t think you can get away with understanding her situation either. That’s overdone too.

50+ Examples On How To Make A Girl Laugh Over text (13)

Tons of guys will text her saying:

How many other guys sent you the obvious name joke?

To which most women will be thinking:

Almost as many who ask me that lame question

Women won’t ever be that harsh, because they’re too nice. But the point is that empathy isn’t likely to make her laugh or win her over.

13. Use the clickbait opener

I just rubbed over my crystal ball and have a prediction about you:

You’ve never written an opener that got her wildly curious to hear what you had to say.

Correct? No worries, bro.

I’ve got just what you need.

The Clickbait Opener.

It’s the opener that has the highest response rate in our solar system. And it gets you reactions like this:

50+ Examples On How To Make A Girl Laugh Over text (14)

Besides the opener, you’ll also get access to a secret video that gives you 7 screenshot examples and 2 follow-up texts.

Download the ClickBait Opener HERE.


14. Playfully disagree with her

The guys who are great with women all have one thing in common.

They have the guts to (playfully) disagree with her.

And that’s a skill you need. Because by only being nice and agreeing with her, you’re not being yourself.

And she can tell. No two people in the world have everything in common.

I recommend using disagreements as a way to make her laugh.

Here are some examples of how to say you’re different from her, in a playful way:

  • [She offers to take you to a smoothie place] “That sounds too healthy for me. Do they serve them with rum and tobacco?”
  • [She suggests a vegan restaurant] “That might be a bit too challenging for me. Is there a beginner avocado option with steak on the side?”
  • [If she talks about watching the news] “I like to stay up to date too. I check for fresh memes every day.”

15. Personalize your jokes

These are the best jokes you can send to a girl.

Personal jokes.

Of course, you probably don’t know what she’s like as a person if you just matched on Tinder. That’s why you want to use all the information you have.

Even if it’s something basic like this:

50+ Examples On How To Make A Girl Laugh Over text (15)


16. Be the playful idiot

This is my favorite way to show that I’m being sarcastic.


By writing your message in a fUnNy AnD wEiRd way (alternating capitalized and non-capitalized letters) it becomes obvious you’re joking.

Please don’t keep writing in MSN-speech if she’s asking you a legitimate question. Then it becomes obnoxious.

The goal is never to be a jerk. Only to stimulate her emotions.

Here’s a simple example that shows you how you can get away being a little extra cheeky.

  • [She asks why you’re going to the bar so early] “bEcAuSe I fUgGiN sAiD sO.”

17. More jokes that will make her laugh

In the following video, I read 20 funny Tinder icebreakers to my girlfriend.

She then decides, in the name of all women, whether those icebreakers are funny or not.

Watch it here:

How to come up with your own jokes to make her laugh over text

The lines I already gave you will get you better reactions, but it’s not enough to get your dream girl.

Why? You’re copying my lines. Lines that didn’t come out of your brain.

So even if my lines get you dates and bow-chika-bow-wow with hot girls, you won’t keep them around.

Because after one or two dates, she’ll figure out you’re two different people.

Hilarious and attractive guy over text, and Basic Bob in real life.

So where do you start? Get into the right mindset for funny.

The next video shows you exactly how I come up with my jokes and make the ladies chuckle.

How to make a girl laugh over text – Summary

Making someone laugh is all about surprising them or showing things in a funny or unusual way. People typically laugh when something unexpected or absurd happens.

Like someone walking down the street and slipping on a banana peel.

So to make a girl laugh over text, try to get a feel for what she’s expecting you to say, then say something else to catch her off guard. Humor comes from setting up an expectation and then changing direction at the last second.

It sounds simple, but it can be quite challenging.

To make it easier on you, I have exactly what you need. The 10 Texts That Always Work. Whenever you need a moment of levity, go through those 10 texts and send the one that best fits your needs.

Click the big button below to get them in your inbox. Then you can use my texts to make her laugh right now.


Louis Farfields.

And don't forget your download below ;)

50+ Examples On How To Make A Girl Laugh Over text (2024)
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