Fire Whirlwind Berserker Torchlight Infinite Build - Odealo (2024)


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Fire WhirlwindBerserker Torchlight Infinite Build - Odealo (1)

One of the best beginner-friendly Melee setups for the Rehan the Berserker

Build Overview

Whirlwind is a great AoE melee skill that can deal tons of damage if set up properly. It is one of the strongest abilities in the game, which is clearly shown by the following build's popularity! Below, we feature our take on the Whirlwind Berserker Build.

This following Fire Whirlwind Berserker Buildtries to unlock the full potential of Whirlwind by converting as much of its Damage from Physical to Fire and stacking 4 minimum Channeled Energy to fully benefit from the Steep Strikes/Raging Slash combo. With the following setup, which includes three support Skills (Bull's Rage, Bloodthirst, and Compound Source), optimized passives, and min-maxed gear, its Damage numbers get to ridiculous levels (to the point where Recount just breaks on a target dummy, and shows 99,999,999 Damage which is the max it can actually display...). For mobility, the build utilizes the Leap Attack with Quick Mobility upgrade, which is one of the more ridiculous skills in the game as well.

Note: Contrary to what you may think from the above description, the build also stacks quite a lot of defense which actually makes it very tanky on top of the ridiculous damage levels.

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Fire WhirlwindBerserker Torchlight Infinite Build - Odealo (2)Pros
Fire WhirlwindBerserker Torchlight Infinite Build - Odealo (3)Insane AoE Damage
Fire WhirlwindBerserker Torchlight Infinite Build - Odealo (4)High Mobility
Fire WhirlwindBerserker Torchlight Infinite Build - Odealo (5)Good Survivability
Fire WhirlwindBerserker Torchlight Infinite Build - Odealo (6)Cons
Fire WhirlwindBerserker Torchlight Infinite Build - Odealo (7)You deal mostly one type of Damage (Fire)
Fire WhirlwindBerserker Torchlight Infinite Build - Odealo (8)Requires you to have 4minimum Channeled Energy to show its full potential


Fire WhirlwindBerserker Torchlight Infinite Build - Odealo (9)

You should focus on getting as many offensive stats as you can get from this Passive Tree, but you shouldn't neglect your defense too much. God of Might Tree offers a solid mix of Melee and Fire Damage increases as well as some solid defensive utility - by selecting the highlighted Talents, we try to take full advantage of that.

Core Passives:

The 3% Strength and 1% chance to deal Double Damage per 100 Strength(15-point bottom Talent) is the most noteworthy node of the God of Might Passive Tree. With our levels of strength, it offers an unbelievable DPS increase.

Other than that, we focus our Talents on Strength (+45 flat bonus and the above-mentioned +3% on top of that), Skill Area (+20%),Attack Damage (+96% total), Attack Critical Rating (+45%), and Maximum Life (+47% total) as well as Life Regain (+24%) for some extra defenses.

Main Talents:

Burnout: +30% Extra Fire Damage at the cost of giving +25% Fire Resistance to enemies that suffer from Severe Injury for 1 second.This offers an unbelievable DPS increase as a large percentage of this build's damage comes in the form of fire. In some situations,Elimination might be a solid pick as well, however, you can get a similar effect from other sources which makes it less appealing in our eyes.

Fueling: Your Damage ignores enemy Fire Resistance.This nullifies the downside of Burnout, solidifying it as a top Talent pick. Other choices are also quite decent, but we find this one just a notch above them, in terms of offered power gains.

Fire WhirlwindBerserker Torchlight Infinite Build - Odealo (10)

Warlord Skill Tree offers us a set of bonuses that are extremely beneficial. We use them to take our overall DPS to a whole new level.

Core Passives:

The 18-Point second-row Talent (50% Physical Damage converted to Fire Damage) is the most important Passive in this entire build as it allows us to scale our Fire Damage much better and increases our Damage potential by a large margin as a result.

Other than that, we try to focus on the same general modifiers as we've chosen from the God of Might Tree: We take as much Strength as we can (45 total), secure a lot of Fire Damage (+72%) and Critical Strike Rating (+90%), improve our AoE Damage (+36% - amazing for Whirlwind), and increase our defenses by improving our Life (+48%) and Maximum Energy Shield (+25%).

Main Talents:

Rock: +2 to Maximum Tenacity Blessing Stacks, +15% Fire Damage per stack of Tenacity Blessing Owned.This handy Talent allows us to scale our Fire Damage even better and it offers the most universal benefits,thus, we pick it over the other two. Sweep is also a good choice as it works extremely well with Whirlwind and increases the build's overall AoE damage by a lot. Wildfire is a solid choice if you like soft execute effects.

Focused Blow: Area Skills deal up to 40% Extra AoE Damage to enemies at the Center.This effectively increases our Single Target DPS - all you need to do to benefit from this fully is stand on top of tougher enemies as they will take 40% more damage then.

Fire WhirlwindBerserker Torchlight Infinite Build - Odealo (11)

Ranger Passive Tree allows us to improve our Crit Chance and Crit Damage by a lot. It also gives us the ability to Eliminate Enemies under 8% Life with Critical Strikes(24-point, second-row Talent), which makes the build even more reliable in terms of AoE clearing.

Core Passives:

The above-mentioned Critical Strike Can Eliminate Enemies Under 8% Lifeis a great addition to the build (it also makes Elimination Talent from God of Might Tree less appealing). Passives that offer Fervor Effect are great as well.

The best thing about the Ranger Tree is that it offers a lot of Critical Strike Rating (we take +160% from it) and Critical Strike Damage (we take 90%)as well as Critical Strike Rating per Nearby Enemy (20% per Nearby Enemy in total). It also allows us to increase our Melee Damage (+36%), Maximum Life (21%), and Armor (36%).

Main Talents:

Fluke: Critical Strikes have the Lucky effect while having at least 50 Fervor Rating.This is a great effect provided that we can stack Fervor reliably (and we can, thanks to Ranger Talents). After we've secured enough Crit, we might change it for Gravityas it offers a nice Melee Damage Bonus and a handy pull-in effect.

Impending: Enemies within 10 meters take 6% more damage per 0.25 seconds. This effect stacks up to 5 times for a total of +30% Damage after 1.25 seconds.This effect matters the most against the tougher enemies, so mainly Bosses.

Fire WhirlwindBerserker Torchlight Infinite Build - Odealo (12)

  • ANGER - +1% Increased Burst Damage per Level. During Berserk, Burst is triggered once on Hit (this effect has a 0.4s Cooldown).
  • FRENZY FURIOUS - +0.8% Crit Value for every 1 point of Rage, +0.4% Crit Damage for every point of Anger.
  • RAMPAGING - Grants 2 Support Skill Slots to Burst and Generates 3 Rage when an enemy is Defeated. LinkHardened and Mark.
  • BOILING ANGER - 15 Rage is generated on Critical Strike. This effect has a Cooldown of 0.2s.
  • REVERBERATION - Critical Hits from Active Skills have a 50% chance to Trigger Explosion (this effect has a 0.4s Cooldown). This chance equals to 100% in the state of violent gas, but the Cooldown remains the same.



Fire WhirlwindBerserker Torchlight Infinite Build - Odealo (13)

Channel this skill to build up channeled stacks and attack enemies. When max stacks are reached, consume all stacks and form a rapidly expanding hurricane of blades that damages all enemies in a large area around you. Blades are considered as Steep Strike. This is the signature offensive ability of this build. It offers amazing AoE coverage and deals surprisingly high single-target damage as well. With good enough gear, you can start Whirlwind with 4 minimum channel energy, which makes it even stronger.

Support Skills:

  • Guard - +15% Damage. When maximum Channeled Stacks are reached, gain Barrier if there's no Barrier. Cooldown increased by 6 seconds and Barrier Damage Absorbtioon reduced by 50%.
  • Channel Preparation- +10% extra Damage and +1 initial channeled Stacks.
  • Critical Strike Damage Increase- +60% Critical Strike Damage.
  • Bloodthirsty Slaughter- Consume + 1% of the current life when Whirlwind is used. +5% Whirlwind Attack Speed. Whirlwind Damage increased by an equivalent of 2% of Missing Life.
  • Raging Slash- +35% chance to gain Steep Strike. +15% Damage to Whirlwind's Steep Strike. +15% Ailment Damage from Whirlwind's Steep Strike. If you don't have 4 minimum channel energy, you can pick Precision Strike instead.

Fire WhirlwindBerserker Torchlight Infinite Build - Odealo (14)

Leap towards the Target and Slam the ground upon Landing. If Leap has Demolisher Charge, it is consumed and converted into a buff that makes every enemy hit by Leap increase its Damage and Skill Radius. This is a CRAZY mobility skill that allows you to move unbelievably quickly while obliterating everything in your way.

Support Skills:

  • Periodic Burst - Gain a stack of Buff when using Support Skills every +6 seconds. The Buff lasts for 2 Seconds. This increases the Attack and Cast Speeds of all our Skills.
  • Quick Mobility- +20% to Leap Attack's Attack and Cast Speeds. +5% to Leap Attack's Cooldown Recovery Speed. With this, Leap Attack gets ridiculous.
  • Blinding- +10% to Blind enemies on Leap AttackHit. +5% to BlindDuration caused by Leap Attack.
  • Attack Focus- +20% Chance to gain stacks of Focus on Leap Attack Hit. Each stack of Focus increases Leap Attack's Damage by 4%. Each Stack of Focus also provides a +41/5% additional Critical Strike Rating to Leap Attack.
  • Elemental Fusion- +15% Elemental Damage to Leap Attack, but it cannot Shock, Ignite, or Frostbite enemies.

Fire WhirlwindBerserker Torchlight Infinite Build - Odealo (15)

Restores Life and Mana over Time. The Restoration stops once your Life is full. Compound Source is Charged Up by defeating enemies. This is a solid sustain/supportskill that not only replenishes our resources but also provides us with a solid DPS boost when it's recovering (thanks to the Berserk Support Skill). It's not as good against bosses as it requires you to defeat enemies to work properly, however.

Support Skills:

  • Berserk - -15% to Compound Source restoration duration. When Compound Source is recovering, you gain +40% Attack and Spell Critical Strike Rating.
  • Residues- Reduces the Compound Source's Restoration Effect by 20% but prevents it from being removed. This offers reliability at the cost of some output, which is a great deal overall.
  • Armor Infusion- WhileCompound Source is recovering you gain -5% of additional damage of corresponding stat and gain buff stacks each time when you receive damage, stacking indefinitely.

Fire WhirlwindBerserker Torchlight Infinite Build - Odealo (16)

Increases Melee Skill Attack Speed and Skill Radius when Active. Bull's Rage costs Life instead of Mana.This is highly synergistic as losing some of our life is actually beneficial as we have effects that convert % of missing Life into Damage. Other than that, it's just a solid DPS increase overall. With the chosen Support Skills we try to bring its uptime as close to 100% as possible.

Support Skills:

  • Mania - -10% Duration but Status Effects gained from Bull's Rage are increased by 25%.
  • Soul Focus- While Bull's Rage is active, Statuses granted by it gainDuration equal to 3% of their Base Duration. The Bull's Eye cooldown is also increased by 0.5 seconds and its Cooldown Recovery Speed is reduced by 5%.
  • Extended Duration- +15% Skill Duration. This works well with Soul Focus and increases Bull's Eye's uptime.
  • Cooldown Reduction- +15% Cooldown Recovery Speed. We take this to maximize uptime.

Fire WhirlwindBerserker Torchlight Infinite Build - Odealo (17)

Increases Attack and Movement Speed, and providesEnlarged Physique effect at the cost of taking Damage over Time for its Duration. Eliminating or Hitting an Elite enemy has a chance to refresh Bloodthirst's Duration.This Ability's main purpose is to give us as much Increased Attack Speed as possible.

Support Skills:

  • Cooldown Reduction -+15% Cooldown Recovery Speed. We take this to maximize uptime.
  • Cost Conversion- Replaces Bloodthirst's Mana Cost with Life Cost. This offers us some synergies.
  • Mania--10% Duration but Status Effects gained from Bloodthirste are increased by 25%.

Fire WhirlwindBerserker Torchlight Infinite Build - Odealo (18)

Makes Main Attack Skills Trigger 1 linked Spell on a Critical Strike. The Triggered Skill is granted an increased Skill Radius and Duration. This effect cannot be applied to Channeled Skills. With our levels of Crit Chance, this is unbelievably powerful, especially when combined with the following Support Skills:

Support Skills:

  • Seal Conversion - Replaces Sealed Mana from Cast on Critical Strike with Sealed Life. +200% additional Mana Seal for Cast on Critical Strike.
  • Scorch- In the Cast on Critical Strike's Duration, enemies in the target area suffer increased Fire Damage and are more likely to suffer from Ignite. We deal a lot of Fire Damage, so this is a must-have.
  • Fixate- Mark enemies in the target area and gain an Increased Chance to deal Double Damage based on each enemy marked.
  • Abysmal Hatred- Reduces Skill Area by 50% but adds +16% Curse Effect.

Fire WhirlwindBerserker Torchlight Infinite Build - Odealo (19)

Additionally increases the Fire Damage of your and your nearby allies' Attack Skills. Also adds Fire Damage to Spell Skills and Increases Ignite Damage.This is a great fire-centered Passive and we are a fire-damage build, thus we take it without hesitation. It increases our overall DPS fairly significantly. With the selected Support Skills, it works great with Ignite and we have plenty of that.

Support Skills:

  • Acuteness Imbue - Attacks and Spells gain additional Physical Damage with a chance to apply Bleed to enemies. Damage based on your Strength will be dealt once when the enemy is inflicted with a Bleed effect.
  • Precise: Flame Imbue- Attacks and Spells gain more Fire Damage and an increased chance to Ignite enemies. Defeating an Ignited enemy grants a larger Fire Terra that deals Damage over Time at the enemy's location.

Fire WhirlwindBerserker Torchlight Infinite Build - Odealo (20)

Increases your and Your nearby Allies' Movement Speed.This is a nice and cheap boost to the build's already great mobility.

Support Skills:

  • none needed.



With this build, you want to stack as much Strength as you possibly can to maximize your damage output (both flat and percentage Strength increases are great). Increasing AoE Damage is also a great idea as it works well with Whirlwind. Effects that convert Physical Damage to Fire damage are also of very high value to you.As for defenses, increasing your Life will certainly help. Taking care of Resistances is also extremely important in terms of increasing survivability.

  1. Strength
  2. Strength %
  3. % of Physical Damage converted to Fire Damage
  4. AoE Damage
  5. Critical StrikeAvoidance
  6. Resistances
  7. Life
  • GLOVES - 50% Physical Damage converted to Fire Damage. Thisallows us to use Raging Slash instead of Physical to Fire for Whirlwind and thus greatly increases our overall DPS.
    • Fervor is also great, but very hard to get.
  • ARMOR - Defeated Enemy has a 30% chance to explode, dealing indirect fire damage equal to 10% of the enemy's maximum health.This is unbelievably powerful as we scale Fire Damage for this build.
  • AMULET - +1 Channeled Energy.With this, your Whirlwind will deal considerably more damage as it will benefit from Raging Slash's effect much more consistently (more Channeled Energy = more Steep Strikes = More Damage through Raging Slash Mod).
  • BOOTS - Regenerate x% life per second while moving. This is a great passive healing effect as you want to keep moving anyway.
  • WEAPON:Added Attack Physical Damage per Strength, Strength, Gear Attack Speed, Gear Physical Damage. These should of course be added to a weapon that supports Whirlwind.
Fire WhirlwindBerserker Torchlight Infinite Build - Odealo (21)

Name: Infinity
Level Requirement: 50
Category: Belt

Random T1 belt affix
Random T1 belt affix
Random T1 belt affix
Random six colors buff affix
Random Level 2 Core Talent

Infinity with Quick Ritual is the best-in-slot item that provides you with +1 to minimum Channeled Energy which makes Whirlwind deal Steep Strikes much more consistently, resulting in higher damage numbers.

Fire WhirlwindBerserker Torchlight Infinite Build - Odealo (22)

Name: End of Confusion
Level Requirement: 70
Category: Ring

Random six colors buff affix
Random six colors buff affix
Random six colors buff affix
+(20-30) all stats
+(8-10)% maximum life
+(8-10)% maximum energy shield

End of Confusion with a20% chance to gain a stack of Tenacity on Taking Damage and +2 maximum Tenacity Stacksis a great pick as it actually works with Bloodthirsty which means that you can easily keep the stacks up.


This is the beta version of our Fire Whirlwind Berserker Buildfor Torchlight Infinite. We had a lot of fun testing this build, as it's extremely powerful right from the start and gets simply ridiculous when fitted with optimal gear in the end game. If you're looking for a highly capable beginner-friendly build, you simply won't find anything better.As the game gets new content updates, we will be updating this guide regularly, though it may be impossible to be done after each Patch.

Pictures used in this article are theintellectual property of XD Inc.

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Fire Whirlwind Berserker Torchlight Infinite Build - Odealo (2024)
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