How to Make a Girl Laugh Over Text: A Step-by-Step Guide (2024)

“If you make a woman laugh, you can make her do anything.” – Wise words spoken by none other than Marilyn Monroe, who, if shehad Tinder in her day, would probably have been the most right-swiped woman of all time. If anyone could tell us how to make a girl laugh over text it would beher.

And I concur. Asense of humor goes a long way towardscharming a girl, but in the age of text screens and lack of a sarcasm font, it can be really tough to convey a sense of humor—especially when you may not have met the person yet. So as a girl who would take a dad bod with bad puns over washboard abs and smooth lines any day, I’ve compiled a step-by-step guide that outlines how to make a girl laugh over text.

Step 1: Get a feel for what kind of humor she likes.
Not every girl finds the same things funny, and if you step out the gate with someoff-base humor she doesn’t get or isn’t ready for, you could lose your allure. Ask her some questions that will give you a good idea of what she’s into—without sounding like you’re interviewing her for a magazine article.

Some examples: “Will Ferrell Movies, yea or nay?” “What did you think of [insert name here] hosting SNL?” “Have you seen that puppy/baby YouTube video?”

Does she like political satire? South Park? The Muppets? If she loves political humor you’ll have a lot to work with, but if she’s looking for a way to escape it, maybe don’thit her with the latest burn from Bill Maher.

Step 2: Play to your strengths.
Take a moment and think about what your friends find most funny about you. You could even ask some platonic female friends what makes you charming. If your sassy comebacks and biting sarcasm are your strength, try and convey that via text, but pro-tip: don’t direct your sarcasm at her, at least not right off the bat. It could come off as aggressive if she doesn’t know you that well. Instead, share a quip about your boss or roommate.

If you’re silly, clumsy, animated, or into physical humor, that’s a little tougher to convey. But it’s a selfie world, and Snapchat filters are hilarious like, 80% of the time. That dancing rabbit snap filter is not only comedy gold, it makes a great reaction gif.

Or, if you’re a good storyteller, share your less-than-smooth moments. Example: Once I offered my roommate a slice of bacon, then immediately bumped into him and knocked it out of his hands. In an effort to save the bacon from hitting the floor, I accidentally kicked it clean across the room. If you ever want to watch a 6’ 3 grown man drop everything he’s doing and dive across the kitchen, just throw bacon.

If that doesn’t have guys swooning over me, well damn, I don’t know what will.

Step 3: Know your memes.
Memes are great for two reasons. First, they convey the entire spectrum of human emotion, making the emotionally limited act of texting far more elastic. Second, everyone understands them. It’s what makes them a meme. They’re also so plentiful, you can easily tailor your meme usage to her interests. Is she into The Bachelor? Hit those Corinne memes hard. Was she an OG Spongebob fan? Ripe with opportunities. Just don’t overuse the meme angle. She’ll think you’re weird, or worse, one of those cave creatures that never gets off Tumblr.

Step 4: Make it personal
Drawing upon things you already know about her is great. It shows you’re paying attention, creates a connection, and she’ll be flattered. If she shared a bad day with you recently, tell her about how you got a parking ticket this morning, but it doesn’t stack up to that time she lost her favorite Chapstick. If she mentioned she’s into wine, ask for her professional opinion next time you’re cruising through the aisles at the liquor store, lest you land on Franzia because it’s dollar to ounce ratio is just too tempting.

Another hot tip – Bitojis turn you into cartoon form and put you into literally dozens of cute and charming scenarios, making conversation starters and reaction texts a breeze. And, if you’ve connected on Snapchat, Bitmoji will even put the two of you into ‘toons together.

Finally, and I can’t stress this enough, it’s all got to be genuine. The last thing you want is to meet up, and all that premeditated charm flies out the door. Be yourself. I can’t be here in the wings, Cyrano de Bergeracking you all, so find someone you connect with on a genuine level, and the giggles will come naturally. I promise. And in case you’re still nervous about all this, I’ll give you a hint: Gifs of clumsy puppies is every girl’s kryptonite.

How to Make a Girl Laugh Over Text: A Step-by-Step Guide (2024)
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