Jabra Enhance Pro 20 Hearing Aids at Costco (2024)

Costco Hearing Centers, which account for about 15% of all the hearing aids sold in the United States, started offering the Jabra Enhance Pro 20, the latest generation of receiver-in-ear (RIE) devices in November 2023. Starting at $1,599.99, Jabra Enhance Pro 20 features the smallest rechargeable RIC offered at Costco with world-class features and future-ready Auracast broadcast technology. It is also offered in a slightly larger disposable-battery model.

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Closed captions are available on this video. If you are using a mobile phone, please enable captions clicking on the gear icon.

Jabra is part of GN Store Nord, which is headquartered in Denmark and is one of the five-largest hearing aid manufacturers in the world. Other GN group hearing aid brands include ReSound, Beltone, Audigy, Interton, and Danavox, and the company also owns e-gaming giant SteelSeries and military communications headset-maker FalCom. As you can imagine, that means a lot of advanced technology is available under the GN umbrella, and Jabra Enhance Pro 20 RIE hearing aids are based on technology found in ReSound Nexia hearing aids (level 9, ReSound's highest tech level).

Note that some companies refer to “receiver-in-ear” (RIE) hearing aids as "receiver-in-canal" (RIC). These two terms mean the same thing; they are hearing aids that have the receiver located inside the ear canal and this is connected by a flexible wire to the main processor located behind the ear.

Costco also offers Jabra Enhance Pro 10 custom in-the-ear (ITE) products, including in-the-canal (ITC) and Completely-in-Canal (CIC) aids, which are based on ReSound's previous Omnia (level 9) product line first introduced in August 2022. Details about these products can be found on our Jabra Enhance Pro 10 page, and we've also provided a summary of them below for your convenience. We anticipate the Pro 10 custom models will be replaced by Pro 20s sometime in 2024.

Jabra Enhance is a wide-ranging brand serving many different markets. The company also sells Jabra Enhance Plus earbuds and the Enhance Select 50R, which are over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids found in big box stores like Best Buy and Walmart, and Jabra Enhance Select hearing aids from the company's online digital marketing platform.

The Jabra Enhance Pro 20 hearing aids discussed below are sold exclusively through Costco. Below we take a closer look at their technology, features, models, and pricing so you can see if they're for you.

Jabra Enhance Pro 20 Hearing Aids at Costco (3)

Costco warehouse storefront.

What we love about Jabra Enhance Pro 20

Affordable: Highly competitive pricing for high-end hearing aids, charger included.

ReSound Technology: Advanced technology based upon ReSound hearing aid technology.

Tiny RIE: The micro RIE 60S is one of the smallest receiver-in-canal hearing aids available.

Smart Connectivity: Bluetooth streaming to iOS and Android, with hands-free functionality for iOS.

Auracast: This is one of the first hearing aids to employ Bluetooth LE and Auracast broadcast technology.

Tap control: New tap control on micro RIE 60S lets you stream calls from your iOS mobile devices with a double-tap on your ear.

M&RIE option: Unique microphone in-the-ear with M&RIE feature option.

Charging Upgrade: Uses the Premium Charger which is a step up from the Pro 10 standard charger.

Solid App: One of the better smartphone apps, offering a wide range of controls and remote care features.

Self-Check Tool: Check My Fit feature to help ensure proper use of hearing aids.


Style limits: At this writing, Pro 20 is only available in the Receiver-in-Ear (RIE) style; custom in-ear styles are currently available only in the Pro 10 line.

Connectivity Limits: Connectivity only allows for one active device, and no hands-free support on Android.

No tinnitus support: No tinnitus features unlike other GN options.

No health or fitness tracking: While rated well, the Jabra app does not include health-related features like step counting, fall alerts, etc.

Jabra Enhance Pro 20 RIEs

Jabra Enhance Pro 20 is currently available in only two Receiver-In-Ear (RIE) models: the rechargeable micro RIE 60S and the RIE 62 which uses a size 13 disposable battery (Costco sometimes refers to the model in its literature as the RIE 13).

The Pro 20 RIEs are nearly identical to the previous Pro 10s, with 360 All-Around listening technology for improved audibility and awareness of sounds all around the listener, impulse noise reduction to reduce the annoyance of sudden loud noises, and an advanced Music Mode. However, added to the Pro 20 product line is Auracast audio broadcast technology—a new Bluetooth steaming and transmitting technology that we think may eventually revolutionize large-area communications. Also, the micro RIE 60S now has tap controls for answering the phone: simply tap on your ear twice to receive the call.

All models can be controlled with push buttons or via the ReSound Smart 3D™ app. Each has 4 possible programs and the onboard push-buttons can be used for On/Off, volume adjustments, and program changes.

Jabra Enhance Pro 20 RIEs are all IP 68 rated, meaning the case and components provide the highest level of dust and water protection for hearing aids. For some reason, RIE color options have been limited to just 4 as opposed to the 8 options that were available for the earlier Jabra Enhance Pro models.

Custom aids available in Jabra Enhance Pro 10 product line

Jabra is still in the process of "filling out" its product line. That's why there are three Jabra Enhance Pro 10 custom products still being offered at Costco that include (in order of size, from largest to smallest) In-the-Ear (ITE), In-the-Canal (ITC), and Completely-in-Canal (CIC) models. Custom products in the Pro 10 line include both rechargeable and non-rechargeable styles and are available in 6 different color options.

Here's a quick summary of key features in the Jabra Enhance Pro 20 RIE and Pro 10 in-ear custom products:

Model/Style Battery Bluetooth/app Push button Tap control Auracast-ready Telecoil
Pro 20 micro RIE 60S Rechargeable
Pro 20 RIE 62 Size 13
Pro 10 ITE Rechargeable
Pro 10 ITC Rechargeable
Pro 10 CIC Size 10A

Quick summary of features of the six available models of Jabra Enhance Pro 10 hearing aids.

Cost of Jabra Enhance Pro hearing aids

At this time, Costco lists their rechargeable micro RIE model starting at $1599.99 for a set of two hearing aids (including charger), but prices can vary by state and even time of year. HearingTracker notes that Costco periodically dropped its pricing of Jabra and other hearing aids, during 2022-23 after it chose to discontinue its Kirkland Signature hearing aid brand.

Custom Jabra Enhance Pro 10 prices are also not listed on the Costco webpage; however, one Costco hearing aid retailer in Florida noted that the custom rechargeable ITE product is listed at $1999 a pair, including the charger. In general, you can expect custom hearing aids (of all brands) to have higher price tags due to the specialized earmolds, associated services, and higher maintenance/repair rates that are associated with these styles of hearing aids.

Jabra Enhance Pro Models Now Available at Costco

Here is an overview of the Jabra Enhance Pro hearing aids that are currently being dispensed at Costco. All of these hearing aid are fitted by a licensed audiologist or hearing aid specialist after they perform a hearing examination.

Jabra Enhance Pro 20 micro RIE 60S Rechargeable

Flagship Jabra Enhance Pro product at Costco

The Jabra Enhance Pro 20 micro RIE 60S is currently the smallest receiver-in-ear (also known as a receiver-in-canal, or RIC) offered by Costco. Although it uses essentially the same chip platform as the Pro 10, the Pro 20 employs an accelerometer for tap controls and for its new listening-in-noise benefits.You’ll find almost all of the most advanced hearing aid features in the micro RIE 60S: rechargeability, directional microphones, wireless streaming for both iOS and Android compatible phones (with hands-free operation for iOS), and onboard push-button control for On/Off, program changes and audio streaming, as well as App controls.

Jabra Enhance Pro 20 Hearing Aids at Costco (4)

Jabra Enhance Pro 20 micro RIE 60S Rechargeable comes in 4 colors.

However, added to the Pro 20 line are two new important features: Auracast broadcast technology—meaning this hearing aid is future-proof for Bluetooth technology—and tap controls that allow you to answer phone calls by simply tapping on your ear (no more fumbling around with your phone).

Created for mild-to-profound hearing losses, the micro RIE is easy to use, top-rated by users for hearing in noise, and offers powerful performance without compromising features, functions, or battery life. Battery life is always dependent on the wearer’s hearing loss and usage, but you can expect the Micro RIE to provide up to 30 hours of use on one charge, and it now comes with the Premium Charger.

On the minus side, the micro RIE 60S does not have a telecoil option, although the RIE 62 detailed below does have both Auracast and a standard telecoil.

Jabra Enhance Pro 20 RIE 62

Disposable battery version of RIE 60S without tap control

Jabra Enhance Pro 20 Hearing Aids at Costco (5)

Jabra Enhance Pro 20 RIE 62 hearing aid features a standard telecoil and a disposable size 13 battery, making it slightly larger than the micro RIE 60S.

The Jabra Enhance Pro 20 RIE 62 is sometimes referred to by Costco as the RIE 13 because it uses a size 13 disposable battery. Because of this and the fact that it also comes standard with a telecoil for loop systems, it is slightly larger than its mini RIE 60S counterpart. However, with the exception of not offering tap controls for answering phone calls, these two models are otherwise identical in terms of the technology employed: it features all the advanced audio processing and technology of the Pro 20 line, as well as the Bluetooth LE Auracast broadcast reception capabilities—so when combined with the telecoil, this hearing aid is ready to receive both induction loop system and Auracast broadcasts.

Quick Review of Jabra Enhance Pro 10 Custom hearing aids at Costco

As noted earlier, we've dedicated another page to the Jabra Enhance Pro 10 hearing aids, including the custom models. However, here's an overview of the custom aid features you'll currently find at Costco. HearingTracker thinks the Pro 20 hearing aid line will be extended to include custom in-the-ear (ITE), in-the-canal (ITC), and completely-in-canal (CIC) hearing aids sometime in 2024.

Jabra Enhance Pro 10 Custom ITE/ITC Rechargeable

Jabra Enhance Pro 20 Hearing Aids at Costco (6)

Jabra Enhance Pro 10 Custom rechargeable In-the-Ear (ITE, left) and In-the-Canal (ITC, right) hearing aids.

  • Custom-made ITE and ITC products for your unique ear and ear canal
  • New styling that mimics the look of an earbud
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries
  • Large, easy-to-access push button (on/off, streaming, volume, or program change)
  • Directional microphones
  • No telecoil option
  • Wireless functionality
  • Free optional smartphone app

Jabra Enhance Pro 10 Custom CIC

Jabra Enhance Pro 20 Hearing Aids at Costco (7)

The Jabra Enhance Pro 10 Completely-in-Canal (CIC) hearing aid uses a size 10A battery and sacrifices Bluetooth streaming and the user app for its extremely small size.

  • Discreet custom Completely-In-Canal (CIC) product
  • Standard disposable (size 10A) battery
  • Non-directional
  • No telecoil option
  • Non-wireless
  • Optional (space permitting) push button

Standout Features of Jabra Enhance Pro 20

Jabra Enhance Pro 20 features “premium” hearing aid technology that improves overall listening capabilities and comfort.These hearing aids have all the hallmarks of an advanced hearing aid system including directional microphones, impact noise reduction, wind noise reduction, feedback control, and synchronized switching of controls from ear-to-ear. Here are some distinguishing characteristics of each of the available models at Costco:

Features Pro 20 Micro RIE 60S Pro 20 RIE 13 Pro 10 ITC/ITE Pro 10 CIC
Mild-to-profound loss
Bluetooth audio steaming
Hands-free calling w/ iOS
360 All Around
Front Focus
Push button ✓*
App control
Premium Charger

Standout technology features of Jabra Enhance Pro 20 RIEs and Pro 10 custom hearing aids. *Push button may be available on some CICs, space permitting.

However, there is additional technology that warrants further discussion, so let’s dive a little deeper into some of those.

360 All Around Directionality

Jabra Enhance Pro 20, technology based upon the ReSound Nexia, is noted to have an advanced directional microphone strategy with 3 different improvements called "360 All Around" directionality. Improvements compared to the previous generations of products include a new steering system with faster processing, a frequency-specific and more narrow directional response and an improved ear-to-ear streaming system that helps to ensure audibility and awareness of sounds all around the listener. There’s also a wearer selectable program called “Front Focus,” which is intended to narrow the directional response and give you some control over the directional response of the hearing aids.

The hearing aid system allows for the two microphones on each hearing aid (in a binaural fitting involving both ears) to calculate the best microphone response for each ear.In other words, four microphones in a binaural fitting work together to estimate the best possible directional microphone response in noise for each hearing aid.

As the hearing aids have access to more than just two microphones, this allows for a more precise tuning of the microphone response. This is called beamforming and combines signal processing across multiple pitches (frequency bands).It also attempts to preserve timing cues, which are critical for helping us focus on and separate sounds we want to hear as opposed to those we don’t. In one internal study conducted by ReSound, the new system provided more than 4 dB of improvement (directional benefit) compared to the older technology—a substantial listening benefit.

What this means to you is that, compared to previous technology, the directional microphone system is even more sophisticated and fine-tuned to provide improved hearing in noisy and complex listening situations. Note that the hearing aids work automatically and will engage the directional microphones and noise reduction without you having to change anything when noise is detected (in the automatic program).

However, you have further control using the Jabra Enhance Pro smartphone app. That is, you can ask the hearing aids to move to a noise program and engage "Front Focus," a more narrow listening mode. The intent is to make speech in front of you easier to hear while not completely ignoring sounds around you. While this sounds great (and it is), remember that your degree of hearing loss, the listening environment, your individual fitting (including venting), and your ability to hear in noise will all affect how well you understand speech in noisy places.

Jabra Enhance Pro 20 Hearing Aids at Costco (8)

If you like to make manual adjustments in the Jabra Enhance Pro app, you can direct the directional microphone a little like a flashlight beam, widening and narrowing the focus and honing in on the speech directly in front of you, or choose to have a broader signal input.

Microphone & Receiver-in-Ear (M&RIE): An extra mic for better listening

“Microphone & Receiver-in-Ear” (M&RIE) means that the hearing aid utilizes the two typical microphones on the casing of the hearing aid plus an additional microphone built into the receiver housing, which is placed in the ear. The intent here is to take advantage of the ear’s natural ability to collect and amplify sound, which can help improve sound localization, minimize noise from behind the listener, and minimize wind noise.

Some custom hearing aid products, especially those that sit more deeply into the ear canal, already enjoy the benefit of a microphone ideally placed in the ear. Unfortunately, BTE or RIE products have microphones located at the top of the ear. However, hearing aid manufacturers do accommodate for the microphone location by altering the frequency response of the hearing aids to make up for the disadvantage. This means that even without M&RIE, most hearing aids compensate for the location of the microphone on top of the ear automatically, but this can only do so much.

The Jabra Enhance Pro 20 with the M&RIE option will utilize the in-the-ear microphone in quiet speech only and other relatively quiet listening situations.In more noisy or complicated listening environments, the hearing aids will automatically switch to the microphones on the hearing aid cases and utilize the previously described 360 All Access Directionality. M&RIE can be activated in other listening programs as well. For example, in the wind noise program, the microphone in the ear is selected by default as a means to minimize wind noise.

Don't get us wrong: we think the M&RIE is a unique and innovative feature you won't find anywhere else. Some people love it. However, other users and even providers on our Forum website have said that the M&RIE option does not always work for everyone outside the test booth and in the real world. For some, this is due to feedback or other fitting issues, and depending on your situation, your provider may simply decide to turn the option off.

Jabra Enhance Pro 20 Hearing Aids at Costco (9)

Environmental Optimizer

This is the hearing aid’s automatic adjustment system based upon an environmental classification system.The Environmental Optimizer is designed to help provide a comfortable listening experience regardless of the environment, making volume and noise reduction changes so you don’t have to adjust the hearing aid(s) yourself.

As you move from environment to environment—for example, from a quiet environment to a noisy restaurant—the hearing aid will determine the best possible settings for volume and also engage noise reduction in the noisy room.This occurs in both ears in the case of a binaural fitting. The hearing aid takes approximately 4 seconds to sample the environmental sounds and make a decision.Then, it will gradually implement the change at a rate of about 1 dB per second so the transition is not sudden or distracting.

Check My Fit

A new handy tool available within the Jabra Enhance Pro app is the Check My Fit feature. This app tool give you reassurance and guidance for properly placing your hearing aids on the ear, which can be difficult for some people, especially first-time wearers.It can be even more difficult for those with a reduced sense of touch in the fingers or for those who experience a tremor.

Having the hearing aid only partially seated in the ear can lead to reduced audibility, discomfort, and increased feedback, and may even cause you to lose the hearing aid.The Check My Fit tool allows you to ensure your hearing aids are seated properly in the ear by comparing photos you take of each ear and comparing them to pictures taken by your HCP. It’s much like taking a selfie with your smartphone.

An internal study by ReSound found that the Check My Fit was easy to learn and use and 70% of participants had better hearing aid insertions than those who didn’t use the tool. Of course, not everyone will have a smartphone or choose to download the app, but those who do choose to use the feature may find it very helpful. It should be especially beneficial for those who are new to hearing aids.

Jabra Enhance Pro 20 Hearing Aids at Costco (11)

HearingTracker Audiologist reviews the Check My Fit feature from ReSound which is also employed in the Jabra Enhance Pro app. Closed captions are available on this video. If you are using a mobile phone, please enable captions clicking on the gear icon.

Rechargeable and disposable battery options

Jabra Enhance Pro 20 micro RIE hearing aids feature a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery; the RIE 62 takes a size 13 disposable battery. If you prefer a custom in-the-ear product, you have several options including the Pro 10 rechargeable ITE and ITC or the non-rechargeable CIC, which is also non-wireless. The CIC utilizes a standard 10A disposable battery.

Jabra Enhance Pro 20 Hearing Aids at Costco (12)

The Jabra Enhance Pro 20 Premium Charger.

Costco provides a portable Premium Charger at no additional charge for the micro RIE 60S. All available chargers allow you to simply charge your hearing aids overnight. The Premium Charger can also charge your hearing aids on the go without being connected to a power source. The Jabra Enhance Pro 10 custom charging case is not intended to be portable, however.

In general, the hearing aid rechargeable battery can last up to 30 hours on a single charge. Keep in mind this will depend on your particular programming and how much time you spend steaming audio to your devices.The more streaming, the less the battery life. The Premium charger also gives you 3 full hearing aid charges, giving you on-the-go power when traveling or camping.

For those products utilizing standard, disposable hearing aid batteries, the programming of your hearing aids, how you utilize them and the size of the battery will determine battery life. The Jabra Enhance Pro 20 RIE 62 which utilizes a size 13 battery and will likely give you 7-10 days of use.

Discuss with your hearing provider which option is best for you and your lifestyle.

Jabra Enhance Pro 20 Hearing Aids at Costco (13)

Wireless features

As with most modern high-end hearing aids, all the Jabra Enhance Pro 20 and Pro 10 hearing aids (except the CIC model) provide wireless capabilities.That is, the hearing aids can stream audio from compatible devices, connect via the Jabra Enhance Pro app to compatible smart phones, and connect wirelessly to accessories such as tablets, TV streamers, and remote microphones.

Jabra Enhance Plus 20 and Bluetooth-enabled Pro 10 hearing aids are compatible with both Apple®and Android™devices. Many people enjoy the binaural streaming of phone calls, or asking a question to a personal assistant like Siri or Alexa, from compatible phones directly to both hearing aids. The hearing aids are also compatible with some Apple Watch™products.

The hands-free capability essentially turns your hearing aids into wireless earbuds that pick up your own voice and allow you to hear the caller in both hearing aids. This is a feature enjoyed by many hearing aid wearers and is not unique to Jabra (ReSound) but is a big benefit of the technology.

However, remember that not all devices are compatible with the Jabra Enhance Pro hearing aids for wireless functionality, and the hands-free calling is reserved for newer devices only. Please see the ReSound/Jabra compatibility pagefor up-to-date information on compatible devices.

For some people, another drawback is that the hearing aids can only be connected to one device at a time (but can be paired to up to 8 different devices). Some manufacturers allow for more than one active connection, making the transition from one device to another more seamless. A typical use is, for example, accepting a phone call from your personal phone and then connecting to a work phone. If you want to stream the call via wireless connectivity with Jabra Enhance Pro 20 this would mean disconnecting one phone and then connecting to the other. This is a bit cumbersome and, in practical terms, you would likely simply choose one device as your primary.

Auracast audio broadcast technology

All the above wireless features are obviously very useful, but what makes the Jabra Enhance Pro 20 hearing aids exceptionally exciting is they are among the very first to incorporation of Auracast audio broadcast technology. Auracast is expected to open up a whole new world of shared audio experiences by turning Auracast-enabled devices, like hearing aids and wireless earbuds, into a receivers that can pick up audio streams from an Auracast transmitter like a computer, TV, smartphone, or iPad. In other words, Auracast will allow for many different “audio streams” to be accessible simply by selecting them from the menu of a device.

Jabra Enhance Pro 20 Hearing Aids at Costco (14)

Auracast broadcasts are beamed digitally to an Auracast-enabled Assistant (eg, smartphone, computer, tablet, etc) which is paired with the hearing device.

This means you can tune into and receive transmitted audio from a specific TV, airport kiosk, lecturer, arena, or auditorium PA system, etc. You can also use an Auracast transmitter to turn your smartphone or audio device into a broadcast channel so people can listen to your music, podcasts, or other audio files.

Auracastis part of a new Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) standard that also provides better streaming and lower processing times to many types of audio devices, including hearing aids.

At HearingTracker, we think Auracast will eventually revolutionize large-area public audio transmission because it’s essentially a personalized PA system on steroids. However, it’s completely unknown how long it will take before Auracast is in widespread use across many different types of venues (airports, bars/restaurants, places of worship, etc). It could take many years.

Jabra Enhance Pro App

We have already covered some of the functionality of the Jabra Enhance Pro app, but let’s discuss a few more features.For example, you can change volume, change programs or modify noise controls, change bass, treble, etc. and, of coarse modify how the directional microphones work. You can also check the status of your hearing aids and even use the app to find your lost hearing aids.

Jabra Enhance Pro 20 Hearing Aids at Costco (15)

The Jabra Enhance Pro app.

During the pandemic, many hearing aid manufacturers enabled the ability to have remote fittings via their smart phone hearing aid apps. This continues today as both consumers and professionals have found the feature convenient for some appointment types. Jabra Enhance Pro 20 and Pro 10, via the app, allows you to request service from your hearing provider.During your service appointment, they can update your hearing aids directly from the app for more simple adjustments, meaning you may not have to visit the Costco hearing center for some programming changes.Although Costco does advertise this remote care benefit, not all stores may offer it, so please check with your provider at your individual store for availability.

The app also has a built-in help menu to help you navigate the app and a “Find my hearing aids” functionality.For any of us who are forgetful, this can be a handy feature in addition to those times when you might have actually lost them.

The Apple app store currently has a highly favorable rating of the app of 4.6 (out of 5) —higher than I’ve seen for similar hearing aid apps. The Android version of the app has a slightly lower rating of 4.4 with complaints of reliable connectivity; however, this is still a very good rating overall. It should be noted that, at the time of this writing, the most up-to-date version of the app for both Apple and Android is 1.29.0. The updates were released in early 2023 and provided fixes for connection issues and enabled the "Check My Fit" feature. You should routinely check the Jabra compatibility website to ensure you are running the latest version of the app.

Tap Controls

Tap controls are offered on the micro RIE 60S, allowing you to accept incoming phone calls by simply double-tapping your ear; you can hang up by tapping once on your ear. While not new to the hearing industry, this is an exceptionally handy way to avoid having to dig into your pocket or purse to answer a phone call, especially when you're on the move and you have a compatible iOS device. However, it should be noted some wearers find it takes practice to master tap controls, while others may choose simply not to use the feature.

Lack of Tinnitus Controls

It’s not uncommon for people with hearing loss to also have tinnitus—sound you hear that doesn’t have any external source.Many people describe tinnitus as “ringing in the ears,” but its many types also include buzzing, pulsing, or whistling sounds.Even those with normal hearing can experience tinnitus and it’s a very common complaint.For most, it’s a minor inconvenience; for others, it can become very distressing, interfering with sleep, concentration, work, etc.

Many manufacturers, including ReSound, incorporate tinnitus features into their hearing aids; unfortunately, this is not carried over to any of the Costco products, including Jabra competitors Philips HearLink and Rexton hearing aids. However, given the warehouse delivery method, it does make sense to disable this feature. That is, providing tinnitus therapy signals is better suited for a clinical setting. For example, audiologists will have at least minimal training on how to set the tinnitus controls and treat tinnitus. In addition, they may have resources to better evaluate your overall tinnitus symptoms including to what degree it is affecting your life.

While Jabra Enhance Pro products do not have tinnitus features available, keep in mind that for some people, simply wearing a hearing aid can bring tinnitus relief so having the feature turned on isn’t always necessary.


Numerous accessories are available depending on your hearing aid type, hearing loss, listening needs and lifestyle.Always discuss with your hearing provider what options are available to get the most benefit from your hearing aids.

For example, if you have significant difficulty hearing conversation in noisy or even quiet situations, a removable microphone may be beneficial.These remote mics (Micro Mic and Multi Mic) are placed on the lapel or table/desk in front of the person you are speaking with, and they will pick up their voice and transmit it directly to your hearing aids. Again, talk to your provider to see if they offer or recommend such devices, as some Costco stores do not always carry the same range of accessories that you may find in a clinic or private practice. In addition, note that these accessories will come at an additional cost.

Other accessories include a TV streamer and two simple remote controls.For those who don’t need or can’t handle a smartphone app, the simple remotes allow you to make easy changes to volume and program number.

There’s also a Phone Clip+ that acts as a remote microphone but has additional functionality, such as a built-in telecoil and the ability to use a sound jack.This accessory is especially helpful when you have a phone or other device that has Bluetooth®but is not compatible with the hearing aids.

Jabra Enhance Pro 20 Hearing Aids at Costco (16)

Optional accessories for the Jabra Enhance Pro 10 include remote microphones, remote control units for changing volume or programs, a TV streamer, and the Phone Clip+ which acts like a remote mic with telecoil capabilities and a sound jack.

Our recommendation

Jabra Enhance Pro 20 and Pro 10 hearing aids offer high-end hearing aid technology from a proven hearing aid manufacturer (ReSound).The Costco pricing is highly competitive, as it is with all of their available brands.

However, always consider the level of care and service that you require and what you are comfortable with when seeking hearing healthcare services. That is not to say you won’t receive the best care at Costco, as they do follow best practices, but not everyone is close to a Costco store with a hearing aid clinic and/or you may not be comfortable with the warehouse delivery model.

Jabra Enhance Pro 20 Hearing Aids at Costco (2024)
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