Roasted Sausages With Grapes and Onions Recipe (2024)

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Frederick Tibbetts

Variation. Along with, or instead of, the sherry vinegar, add two or three tablespoons of actual dry or sweet sherry. For the adventurous, add a dash of cognac as well. The thirsty grapes and onions will take these right up. And they play very well with the browned sausage.


add mushrooms or leeks


I did halve the recipe. I also used a rimmed baking sheet that's half the size of a 13" x 18", and I think that was a mistake, as 425° and all the moisture from the grapes didn't let the sausages brown as much as in the picture, even with extra time. So, if you halve this, use the size of pan called for at 425° or a smaller pan at 450°.


I assume this recipe cook time is for uncooked sausages. I have some pre-cooked German sausages that I’d like to use—wonder if they dry out before they brown. Maybe I should brown them quickly on the stovetop then add to the sheet pan for the last 5 or 10 minutes?

Tina M

A great, fast and easy weeknight meal. Made this with onions, fennel and some basic mild Italian sausage. Served it over a scoop of polenta and fresh arugula. The flavors blended really well together. Clean plates all around.


My family loves this dish. Company loves this dish. It seems too simple to be as awesome as it is but it's spectacular. The sauce you make afterwards is totally worth the few extra minutes it takes. In fact I'm going to get in my car and get these ingredients to make it on this rainy day. AND:Sometimes I make it without the onions and I can't believe I'm saying it but I like it better.


Another excellent addition to the repertoire, esp. for entertaining. Also looks great in the pan if you roast everything in rows. Chose a row of bratwurst, a row of seedless black grapes, a row of apple slices, a row of sliced celery and a row of thinly sliced carrots. Major oohs and aahs when pulled from the oven.


this killer dish has been on the menu at Al Forno in Providence Rhode Island for decades. A classic.


Delicious. The grapes work because the cooking and the spices and the vinegar balances against their sweetness. Cut the sausages up and use more than called for. Served with a mildly bitter green salad

Tamara S.

I used Beyond Meat Beyond Sausage Brat Original for vegetarian friends and cumin was the spice of choice. Everything else was according to the recipe. The juxtaposition of sweet and savory flavors was unexpected and very delicious. We will definitely make this again.


This was super delicious and will find a place on our autumn rotation! It is very easy to put together and is as quick as indicated. I added some cooked mushrooms (because I had them) and tossed in with the grapes and onions when I flipped the sausages over. I also roasted some potatoes and yams which really made it a sheet pan dinner! Soooo good!


Equilibrist, you can do this with cooked sausage. We do this all the time with all different kinds of veggies. We roast for at least 25 minutes until the veggies are cooked through and nicely caramelized. The sausages are just fine and not overcooked, they're delicious!


This is an excellent recipe, added a few crushed garlic cloves, more onions & upped the oil & vinegar a bit.Flavor of the grapes at the end will surprise you...


Man oh man, this one is a keeper. Clean plates all around! My only comment is that the onions need to be cut thicker than “thinly sliced.” I used a small mandolin to slice the onion, and the thin slices tended to burn on the baking sheet.Another variation would be chicken sausage instead of Italian links. Either way, this dish was delicious and I’ll definitely be making it again!


I made this tonight with spicy Italian sausage and leeks instead of an onion, since I had an extra leek from Alexa Weibel's Skillet Spanakopita. I served it alongside new potatoes I cut in half, boiled and then fried. Easy, excellent and very different. It hit the spot as an autumn night dinner.




Does this recipe call for cooked or uncooked sausage to go altogether in the sheet pan? It doesn’t say anywhere. Want to buy right type of sausage


The sweetness of the grapes within the spice of the sausage makes the dish. Excellent!


This was absolutely wonderful!


More onion, less grapes


What am I missing? How is it possible to spread this amout of onion slices (yes, one large onion, sliced) in an 'even layer' on a 13x8 in pan? I'm going to definitely have to use two pans and there still definitely isn't enough room to spread it out that much . and this is before grapes are involved, or looking for space to fit the sausages

condiment queen

Great dish, made with bratwurst and coriander and served with a basic green salad and artisan marble rye. Next time two tweaks. 1. Use a bit more onion. 2. Use smallish grapes or cut large grapes in half so they caramelize and sweeten the rest of the dish; I used gigantic grapes and they were like sugar bombs.


Cajun sausage was great. Loved this recipe, the vinegar is key to the sauce.


Really good. Paired well with bitter wilted chard.


Champagne grapes are in season now—very good in this recipe.


This one is a regular on my kitchen; it’s really great and has endless unique options depending on the sausage and spices. My favorite so far is a variation with blueberry sausage (with a hint of maple and cayenne pepper) and coriander seeds. Delicious.

martha b.

the ingredients themselves are perfect with a drop of S & P.Had no idea that these items would blend so well and become one of our favorite dinners. Tonite we're having it with barley instead of rice.


Really good with mashed potatoes. All I had was balsamic syrup and it worked out really well with the grapes. I used a combination of red and yellow onions and upped the amount per many reviews. I added nowhere near as many grapes that was called for and there were plenty.I think more would have been too much. Will make again for sure


Bake a potato in the micro early in the day. Cut wedges and add to pan when you add sausage


Try making this dish using caraway. I used Italian sausages, but tried caraway instead of fennel and really liked the result.

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Roasted Sausages With Grapes and Onions Recipe (2024)
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